Are your Ministers capable men - Sanja Nanja questions President

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Comment: Was this not the same person?

Nana Nkrumah
2017-01-27 09:51:29
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Are your Ministers capable men - Sanja Nanja quest

Was this strange-looking human species not the same caricature who was disbarred by one Queen mother in the BA Region from ever entering the palace and attending any gatherings of that particular traditional council? Did he rain insults on that queen mother when he was reprimanded by her for disrespectful behaviour?
After being rejected by his constituents, does this human sub-species still have the guts to question the calibre of experts selected by the new government? If he was that good enough, why were his own people so disgusted with his performance that they even did not want to be represented by such a jungle-looking creature? What has Ghana done wrong to deserve something like this in her Parliament? God, please come down and deliver Ghana from such kaakaamotobis.

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Nana Nkrumah on Jan 27, 2017 09:51
Was this not the same person?