Prez Akufo-Addo acting unconstitutionally - Anyidoho

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Comment: Mr Buffoon

2017-01-27 21:19:33
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Prez Akufo-Addo acting unconstitutionally - Anyido

Where is the illegality Mr buffoon? Why does this non-entity always come out to misbehave when we have something important to think about. I will tell you what is illegality. It is when a lunatic like you start behaving like an elected President and go on air to dismiss unconstitutionally the director of Electricity Company of Ghana following a black-out during a football match. Obviously it takes a lunatic to go on air and announce to the world that you are in a comfortable lead when heavy defeat is starring you and your useless bunch in the face. Get out of the way and let the people's choice rule our beloved country.

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n d c man on Jan 27, 2017 19:02
Ghanaman on Jan 27, 2017 21:19