Prez Akufo-Addo acting unconstitutionally - Anyidoho

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Afia.Sika Gomoa.Nkran
2017-01-27 23:06:52
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Prez Akufo-Addo acting unconstitutionally - Anyido

Here Comes The Oldest Baby With Sharp Teeth. Koku Anyidoho Where Do You Expect Nana To Get Money And Pay Those Victims Of The DKM Saga?Was It Not Lordina Who Sent Those Entrepreneurs There To Help The People In The Region? Anyidoho, Are You Really In Your Sound Mind?Inasmuch As We Would Want A Thorough Investigations Into That Saga For Justice To Be Administered On Behalf Of The Victims,I Think It's Too Early For Nana To Tackle That Issue Less Than thirty Days In Office. Next Anyidoho, What's Wrong About Setting Up A Committee To Oversee The Planning Of Our Nation's 60th Birthday?Do You Want Nana To Get Out Of His Office And Plan For The Celebration?Anyidoho!!60 Peaceful Years In The Life Of A Country Is Not By Our Works, Might Or Choice.I Pray I Live To See How You Celebrate Your 60th Birthday. If We Found It Appropriate To Waste Millions In Rebranding Buses Then We Should See It Most Necessary To Celebrate AMA GHANA'S 60TH Birthday.Koku You Are Going To Have A Lot To Cry For Since You Have Decide To Turn Yourself Into A Crying Baby.We Going To Celebrate It Efficiently, Gracefully And Big So We Need People To Take Care Of That. But Koku Take It Upon Yourself To Remind Them Not To Mistakenly Replace The President's Name With That Of Kenya In The Programme.

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