Ekow Smith-Asante shows interest in Deputy Creative Arts Minister spot

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Comment: Sick people

Chuks, Tudu
2017-01-28 09:08:48
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Ekow Smith-Asante shows interest in Deputy Creativ

Hear this idiot too. Ghanaian quarter-baked celebs paaaaa die, mo ye nkwasiafuor paaaa. Appearing twice or thrice in some fifth-grade ekurasie movies makes them think the ministerial appointments are up for grabs. Aba, Smith Asante too. Has the creative arts deputy ministerial post become for cheapened to the point that every nonentity dreams of grabbing it? Check the list; Socrates, Antwi, Okraku and now Asante!!! Which of these can we confidently say is not sick upstairs to want to occupy that seat?

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Chuks, Tudu on Jan 28, 2017 09:08