‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encouraged - Nhyiaso MP

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Comment: Re: ‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encourage

Mr Bond
2017-02-03 07:06:02
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‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encourage

Even Joe Oteng who was NDC and former minister of science and technology and innovation when he made a decision to make finance to support Apostle Safo,wicked criminal ex-president John Dramani Mahama fired him and his car was taken from him while driving his kids to school because NDC thieves claim he was Ashanti native so they took his car from his saying the car belongs to the state so all state cars that NDC thieves loot will be consficate and return it back to the state.Thieves.

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Mr Bond on Feb 3, 07:06
Re: ‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encourage