‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encouraged - Nhyiaso MP

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2017-02-03 07:51:33
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‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encourage

In principle, I support the proposition that this type of "Rambo" style seizures, is a bad thing. The degree of lawlessness in Ghana however, is staggering. I readily believe it when I am told that chassis numbers on cars have been changed. I readily believe it when I am told that government officials have stolen official cars provided to them for official business. I readily believe it when I hear that government officials want to "steal" government owned housing which have been provided to them during their time in office. These things happen all the time in these countries. I vividly remember the NDC goons "seizing" cars belonging to Akuffo Addo, the very first month Atta Mills took office as President of the Republic. Those "goons" were also sent from the Castle. These kinds of "Rambo" seizures would not be necessary if all of us will act with some honor. In the case of Akuffo Addo's cars, the newspapers reported that they were returned after it was documented that the cars were actually his. Stealing is systemic in Ghana. High government officials do it. Civil servants do it. Journalists and assorted reporters do it. Lawyers do it. Bankers do it. Headmasters and Teachers do it. University Deans and Chancellor's and Professors do it. They steal everything they can get their hands on - cars, houses, vacant lands, fridges, air conditioners etc. We have to do something about our impulse to steal.

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dunaa on Feb 3, 07:51
Re: ‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encourage