Mahama finally packs out

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Comment: God is watching us all

2017-02-08 11:34:38
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Mahama finally quits

I will never understand how some Africans reason.
With all the poverty blowing over the Continent,we still have people who will support some leaders,who prefer to live like a Prince of Arabia.
How can one person,and a public servant at that,use 17 luxury Cars and even want to keep
about five of them after service?
And somebody wants to tell me,Mr Mahama is a humble man.
Recently six schools kids were killing after their school building collapsed on them.
So how will one reconcile this,at a time when the then President was dashing out V8 Vehicles like tofee just to win the elections?
Not even one single bore hole was sunked at Bole Bamboi for the folks there,yet the then President who happens to a son of the village felt no guilt to have about 17 luxury Cars waiting on him at any giving time.
Hmmmm,God is a living God,and everybody will reap what,he/she sows.

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KWAA on Feb 8, 11:34
God is watching us all