Mahama finally packs out

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Comment: Mahama , Greedy S.o.b.

Straight on.
2017-02-08 11:35:36
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Mahama finally quits

That a character like john mahama could ascend the presidency,should be a wake up call to all political parties.
Know your candidates in depth before putting them up.
John mahama was a thief and armed robber all long.he carefully concealed this trait all through his political life,fooling the likes of Rawlings,Asomdweehene,security capos,and the entire populace till the dawn of 7th december.
May his type never rise in Ghana again.
Thief,shameless armed robber,for stealing from babies and widows you will be cursed from generation to generation.

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Straight on. on Feb 8, 11:35
Mahama , Greedy S.o.b.