Mahama finally packs out

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Comment: Mahama the greedy bastard

Joe Bee
2017-02-08 11:54:33
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Mahama finally quits

If Mahama had vacated the Vice President's villa upon assumption of office as the president of Ghana, Amisah Arthur could have moved in to settle there. There wouldn't be the need for this new property which cost in the region of $14 million. Ghana could have been richer by this sum of money that is being spent on this new project. That aside, the governor of the bank of Ghana was said to have been accommodated in a hotel because Amisah Arthur could not vacate the house that was meant for the governor. Question is: who paid for the cost of the hotel expenditure?
Fellow Ghanaians, just add the cost of this new mansion to the hotel expenses. Don't forget the governor might have lived in the hotel for over 5 years.
All these payments could have been avoided if Mahama had vacated the Vice President's villa when became the president of Ghana. And when Madam Otiko uses some adjectives for Mahama, 'they say she should apologise'. Apologise to whom? Is Mahama not the cruel?

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Joe Bee on Feb 8, 11:54
Mahama the greedy bastard