E/R: Angry NDC youth lock up party office

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Comment: lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals

insight to the bone
2017-02-12 10:42:02
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E/R: Angry NDC youth lock up party office

Nkrumah to weaken and neutralize the corrective positive democratic forces of the Fanti speaking people made sure he divided the natural union into the Western and Central regions.His attempt to establish an autocratic dictatorship was only proof that he had no love understanding or respect for the trusting Fanti speaking peoples.JJ came and in his personnel politics ensured the Fanti speakers were reduced from the civil service by over 90%.Today Akans are united not because of NPP or Nana but the realization that this undeclared war against the Akans means doom if we dont stand up, imagine not so long ago we had to practically whisper 'WE ARE AKANS'. Yes we support the unification of the Central and Western regions which will eventual lead to a union Akan federal states.Its not only the plunder of Akan wealth that these pepeni/ayigbe criminals practiced but also the undeclared warfare against Akans. Soon the eyes of the deliberately blind will be forced open and recognize never again can we allow this to happen and the only insurance is to see for full and complete Independence of the Akan nation.We will support any divide and rule tactics directed against these pepeni/ayigbe idiots and applaud the division of the Northern Volta regions into 3 or 4 more entities each so they see what we Akans had to suffer. True that crime and corruption started and ended at the presidency. Never trust these pepeni/ayigbe criminals and their power of persuasions over these northerners and other traitors of frail moral fiber.The basis of industrialization and to enter the post industrial era is the acquisition of railway technology and industry any proposal that falls short of this will only create debt and cause the system to inefficient and unreliable. yes and we insist on justice for Atta Mills as murder of leaders and politicians is the trademark of the criminal mafia ndc pepeni/ayigbe conspiracy. If this is not done this will remain a solution or option for any group of criminals no matter their justification or agendas.JJ too should be made to answer for the murder of previous leaders too.Plain and simple NDC is not a political party but the megaphone of a hegemony/tribalism treacherous insidious movement of Ewes Northerners and haters/traitors of the Akan. They wooed and deceived the left wing aspirations and heritage of the Akan people but installing a few naive genuine patriots or impeccable characters like Mills to front their true criminal genocide agenda. Any nation that allows murder of the leaders to go unpunished no matter the lying propaganda justification is doomed to failure and that is a fact of history , NDC has continuously found it necessary to murder all Akan leaders starting from Kotoka's wickedness, to Acheampong and now Mills. We Akans can not call these Ewes and Northerners brothers if their most intimate desires is domination and our destruction stemming from deep pathological hate and is manifested in their style of govt which has always been very destructive and retrogressive , be it the buga buga rawlings or the family and friends corruption/looting of Mahama. We thank Akans of the left wing inclination for showing their support to remove this criminal mafia by not excising their right not to vote and therefore leaving the NDC high and dry.They know the Akans are half right wing and the other half left wing so their calculation election engineering required that they stick to the hegemony of the Ewes and fanatical Islamic discrimination mixed with tribalism of the northerners and they would win hands down every election, little did they know that the ideological left wing of the Fanti speaking people and the Brong Ahafo are far more sophisticated and can not be fooled by no one forever. This year we will see and witness the true extent of the destruction and expose with real proofs the colonization by Ewes and Northerners of the wealth of the Akans . Justice should be enforced not these fake laws that have so many loop holes that true justice in the interest of the people is elusive. We witness how thew Mahama family now have control of all natural resources including reserves of Bauxite and iron ore so frustrated and sabotaged every effort at industrialization and construction of railway networks as they did not want the people to get wealthy by adding value and exporting . Its easier to manipulate ignorant illiterate impoverished people. They snear scoff and laugh as they know these and other impediments and obstacles will seriously slow down NPP's deep desire to secure a true development for our people , yes the battle goes on and the only way is to cut these pepeni/ayigbe out of our country so we gain new independence.

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insight to the bone on Feb 12, 2017 10:42
lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals