NPP cautions stubborn Ministers

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Comment: Keeping The Party On Its Heels & Toes

Muskham Andani
2017-02-14 09:29:07
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NPP cautions stubborn Ministers

Sammy Awuku by refusing a ministerial office has shown that he is a person who has a very big and worthy vision for the nation. Congratulations and more greesense to your elbows. You love the Party and wish the party to succeed. For me I am at loss why party officials always leave their posts into the Government thereby weaking the party after winning a election. Party officials should stay in the party to make the party strong so as to be able to check Govt.appointees who may not be functioning as desired. Who checks in a Region a party's Regional Chairman who has become the Regional Minister? Strong party with strong officials like Mr Awuku and alike would definitely offer strong and performing Govt. NPP officials learn from this young who has shown selflessness.
Sammy, please keep it up and you will be great now and future.

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Muskham Andani on Feb 14, 2017 09:29
Keeping The Party On Its Heels & Toes