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Drop in infrastructure allocation may affect Free SHS Policy- SEND Ghana

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Comment: Speak out SEND and stop the massaging

Chuks, Tudu
2017-03-14 16:23:18
Comment to:
Drop in infrastructure allocation may affect Free

Is SEND GHANA afraid to boldly state the obvious? Look at these: 500,000 pupils write the exams to the next level. 400,000 qualify. 200,000 gain places because that's the only spaces available. At least 190,000 have parents who can afford to educate their wards. 100,000 don't know where to go. Education and life MAY end there. 200,000 have some hope of some sort. Out of this number parents are ready to pay bribes for 100,000 to get placement. Now Nana Addo is ready to give free education to the lucky 200,000 and the 300,000 are left to rot. Instead of providing space or what we call assess to the 200,000 who passed but have no places, Nana is ready to sacrifice this future on the alter of redeeming political promises. This is shameful. Instead of adventuring the 10,000 of poor background for support, he is surely going to waste good money on all the other 190,000 who's parents sent them abroad every vacation. What a rotten society!!

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