John Mahama’s statement of dead goat syndrome caused NDC’s defeat - Activist

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Comment: Mahama is morally corrupt.

2017-03-28 19:25:38
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John Mahama’s statement of dead goat syndrome ca

At long last a sensible NDC member has found the Mahama insults.Truely Mahama is morally and materially corrupt.The Montie3 pardon,The Ford gift,the Bus-rebranding,the millions of Dollars airlifted to Brazil and the number of over priced project-"No value for money work".Not forgetting his tribal comments eg that the Ashantis would not appreciate even if Kumasi roads are built with Diamond,and his comments about Dr Bawumia.His appeals to the Northners to vote for him was wrong.Mahama forgot that he was not the first president of Ghana from the North.He forgot Dr.Limann

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salifu on Mar 28, 2017 19:25
Mahama is morally corrupt.