No Mahama for 2020 - Botchwey Committee report

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Comment: If Mahama caused the defeat, who can

Nana Akwasi Boachie
2017-05-09 16:56:01
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No Mahama for 2020 - Botchwey Committee report

I will not have to agree with this reportage even if it is true. In modern democracy, no candidate can be disqualified for having lost an election. When Late Mills lost in 2000, did we blame Rawlings? Did we drop Atta Mills because he lost two times? This is a man who continued with Mills term and won an election. If Mahama cannot win NDC an election, then who can? The KB Committee has know locus standi to disqualify any candidate except the vetting committee. At worse Candidates are rejected at the Congress, like it was done to Konadu Agyemang Rawlings; not at any Committee discussions. The NDC lost because, the party had stayed in power for 8 years not because there was a bad governance. Ghanaians were not going to grant NDC any 12 years. There is nobody in this world who was/is incorruptible except Jesus Christ; even with this some unbelievers or people of other faiths will challenge. Let the Party go to Congress and sieve the grains from the chaff. Unless, he Mahama decides to step down, he has no challenger; and even if he does out of anger, NDC shall be doomed. Whose legacy, is the party going to build on? Rawlings or Atta Mills? Nil.

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Frank Agyena-Karikari on May 9, 16:20
Nana Akwasi Boachie on May 9, 16:56
If Mahama caused the defeat, who can