No Mahama for 2020 - Botchwey Committee report

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Comment: Ndc is a dead party

2017-05-09 17:17:07
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No Mahama for 2020 - Botchwey Committee report

Let me advice the former president that he should live when the applause is low,with all this findings from his own committee how can he want to disgrace himself?i pray that the ndc bring him,the npp now ve enough weapons to burry him for good,even with his incumbency advantage and harassment he lost,now that we re bringing reforms at the EC that was bent on rigging the election for the ndc if not for the vigilance of the npp.So let them tickle themselves and laught to their doom,I am very happy the ndc feels their fortunes re bonded to John Mahama alone,this was the same thing they did when they wanted him to partner Atta Mills,so when Mills died and he took over he started disrespecting the party to the extent that a whole party chairman had to cry through the media begging to see him but to no avail.

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Frank Agyena-Karikari on May 9, 16:20
Yussif on May 9, 17:17
Ndc is a dead party