'NDC members are only united when it comes to corruption' - Sammy Awuku

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Comment: Npp are the most corrupt

2017-09-13 08:04:16
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'NDC members are only united when it comes to corr

Do u know that while all this is going on Ofori Atta has awarded gabby a $20 million contract???? All that npp know is to put dust in peoples eyes like this introduction of free shs, hold a grand Derbar then job the country blind whilst they make them look the other way. NDC
1.We introduced the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) program, they ridiculed it
2.We provided school children with uniforms, they ridiculed it
3.We provided sandals to school children across the country, they ridiculed it
4.We eliminated more than 3000 schools under trees, they ridiculed it
5.We started a progressively free SHS with which we provided everything to beneficiaries including the sanitary needs of girls, they ridiculed and called it evil
6.We built 154 SHSs in 8years (123 in the last 3years of our term), they built none, but they said Ghanaians don't eat schools. Really?
7.We built many Science laboratories in SHSs and equipped them with all they needed including buses, they came and ran the labs down, we came back and renovated our projects
8.We built 4 universities, they built none, but they said ours is not good enough
8.We built 8 polytechnics( only Accra and Kumasi Polytechnics excluded), and subsequently upgraded 8 polytechnics to Technical Universities, they built none in their history. They said this is not good enough.

They have just improved upon our progressively free SHS policy, and they want the whole world to worship them. Aabei! Isn't it shameful? If this is not witchcraft then tell me what it is???

Posterity will be the best judge

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Zargon on Sep 13, 2017 08:04