Educationist rallies support for free SHS

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Comment: Shouldn't be totally free

2017-09-13 08:12:54
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I have deeply involved in education a teacher in the 1980s and PTA Chairman in Achimota school.

The PTA pumps a lot of money into security of the school.

The boarding Houses run into very deplorable states when all these facilities where maintained by the state till it wad decided that the Parents who are stake holders should contribute their bit.

I strongly believe that we have to be serious with ourselves as a country.

The govt cannot sustain this gargantuan task.

The best approach is to do the costing and split into 2.

The govt takes half and the parents pays the other half.

If for some reason a needy student/parent comes out s/he needs to apply for the government to pay the other bit.

The boarding houses are in terrible situations all over and so if the govt wants to take up everything, I can assure the govt will struggle.

The teachers have been left out in the whole equation.

No Housing for the teachers in most schools how can govt alone handle this herculean tasks.

We earn diluting and diluting at the end of the day, we will ask ourselves whether it was worth our while.

Even in the US, Britain were it was free initially they have stopped.

You go for a loan. When you get a job you start paying.

The bigger question we should ask ourselves is why make it free at the secondary level then when you gain admission to the university you pay
GH10,000.00 for an academic year for
1. Tuition
2. Hostel Facilities

not to mention feeding.

The parents are stake-holders.
We need to engage them to support other activities in the school like Boarding House expansion and renovation.

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Maxwell on Sep 13, 2017 08:12