Politics Wed, 27 Sep 2017

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How can weak structures win 2 elections? - Boateng Gyan asks Kofi Adams

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Comment: I Like Your Argument

Onipaba. Of Akyem Maase.
2017-09-27 18:16:36
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re- how can NDC won 2 elections with wea

NDC won through rigging even though party structure was weak. Now it is even weaker because ghanaians will vote with ghana card. Those togolese also have togo IDs. These IDs are very important for everyday life in Togo especially. Therefore, they won't dare getting ghana cards in addition to NHIS cards because they risk rotting in jail. With ghana card, ndc will know its real size.

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Onipaba. Of Akyem Maase. on Sep 27, 2017 18:16
I Like Your Argument