NPP workers at KATH want Director of Administration dismissed

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Comment: Concern NPP

Torgbui ganyaglo
2017-09-29 11:11:54
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NPP workers at KATH want Director of Administratio

Oh ho, what our lovely country is turning to?
So now the NPP supporters are trying to tell us that NPP government is in power so no other party member is allow to work in any high position? If ex prof Atta and mahama were to do this kind of things will some of you survived life? This is Ghana is not for NPP or NDC is for us citizens of Ghana,
group this group that I don't think is helping the nation, we are abusing the democracy in Ghana, so now if any party win power next time all the people getting job now in the name of NPP have to loose they're job like NDC supporters are loosing it now, this same thing happened in 2001 but prof Atta mills came and said no to it, now again same NPP in 2001again at it now, they never learnt nothing from that here they are repeating same thing, is not helping the growth of our country, this kind of stupidity need to stop, today concern NPP tomorrow will be concern NDC if they don't know. Gbemelanwo.

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Torgbui ganyaglo on Sep 29, 2017 11:11