NPP is the most deceptive party in Ghana's history - Bature

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Comment: We are aware of you.

2017-11-23 15:56:23
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NPP is the most deceptive party in Ghana's history

You are not the only one following Ghana politics. People are discerning enough to listen to schizophrenic patients like you. As an NDC member, i can now see where your deceitful character at Radio Gold has landed us nominal grass-root supporters and President Mahama on one hand where you stand now - profiteering from your persistent lying. The last days of the 2016 electioneering campaign made us see the demonic animal in you. You have no soul and never have have and the devine hand of Mawu will surely punish you for lying your entire life. Mahama should never have trusted BASTARDS like you to ditch him like all of you did and now campaigning for his return for you to be covered. Idiots like you will never succeed this time. God will punish you and your cohorts for lying to Ghanaians about honest people. NDC deceived us foot soldiers for looters like you to eat the booty. You do not deserve the title "Alhaji" but should called "Seeje Bature Banza"

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Yao on Nov 23, 2017 15:56
We are aware of you.