NDC is an honest party – Mahama

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Comment: Never MAHAMA again

2017-11-26 08:12:18
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NDC is an honest party – Mahama

Mahama is preparing to steal more money from Ghanaians because this is his last desperate attempt to protect his Thievery Gangs especially the notorious Ibrahim MAHAMA. This thief will be in jail by now if he is in any country, he's now walking like a masquerade in every streets preaching and talking bull and desperate to come back to steal more money from us. Never trust a previous theif because a theif is always a theif. Mahama will cancel the free SHS when he comes back and the our youth will have no future. Mahama is slow and indecisive dumb person he can't not lead this country to prosper the only thing he does best is stealing our money to bribe his way through. This lion is hurt, because he is wounded by Nana Addo' massive free SHS initiative which is a bigger punch to Mahama. Secondly MAHAMA want to come back to save his previous corrupt appointees who are deemed to be prosecuted by the special prosecutor. Don't trust this trickster he has an agenda for himself and not for you and l. Shine your eyes Ghana.

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Bbb on Nov 26, 2017 08:12