Free SHS has exposed the problems in our Senior High Schools – NPP MP

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Comment: on free shs

2017-12-12 23:11:41
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Re: Ghanaians are cheap. An MP?

Yes, we pray the free shs be sustained, but that will not bring back to life the students who died due to congestion which we have been trumpeting but Napo kept denying exits. For free shs to succeed, it will take all Ghanaians to make it work. No matter how good any government performs in power, I don't forsee any political party staying in government beyond 8 years currently. So we must be wary of what we say and do. Make the policy a polical one and when u are voted out, another government can abolish it. That is why a wise supreme court judge suggests we pass a bill to make it a law but "wiser" Bawumia believes all we need is political will. Time will tell.

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Enock on Dec 12, 2017 23:11