Diasporian News Wed, 20 Dec 2017

Ghanaians in diaspora to play key role in national development

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Comment: My point is:

Heinz-Dieter Spitschan
2017-12-21 19:07:46
Comment to:
whats your point?

You really think so??? How many Ghanaians leave Ghana every year ??? How many Germans will leave Germany or how many Americans will leave America???

It is my point to say: Ghanaians leave their country because they don't have any chance / future there. They marry outside of Ghana, they study outside of Ghana and will have a family outside of Ghana. Do you really think, they will go back to this Ghana, to live in poorness and stone-age again ???
It is for your politicians to see, that they have to make Ghana more modern and that they have to create a country, where people have a chance to study and earn their money in jobs (not to sell water bags at a mainstreet somewhere in Kumasi)

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Heinz-Dieter Spitschan on Dec 21, 2017 19:07