31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for our loss – Mahama

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Comment: Today 31st means something to JM?shame

2017-12-31 15:07:05
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31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for ou

Ultimate responsibility for undertaking giant economic reforms he said?was fumsor and withdrewal of teachers & nurses allowance an economic reform?was the negligence of the economic management team of your government to prevent DKM,God is love,SADA,Geeda and NCA stealing $3miliion dollars an economic reforms?sole sourcing and inflation of government contracts like smarty’s and ambulance fraud including the overpriced Vice Presidential bungalow an economic reform?was the sale of state lands and tax evasion including midnight bauxide given to your brother Ibrahim Mahama a major economic reforms?.Let me end by asking John Mahama if no one warned him?did he not be a council of state?did he not refused their advise regarding Mountie trio?was he not the one singing Yentie Obeaa and dancing?did he not say that if one is not a former president,did not qualify to criticize him?did he not defended woyome when the Supreme Court ordered that he refund the money to the state?the only verdict JM respected from the supreme court was the one that gave him the power to continue as president in the election petition...May you retire forever in your admission of guilt and responsibility for all the corruption that took place under your watch and the shameless application you put up for your official bungalow through Otumfour Asantehene that was rejected by the grace of Almighty Allah.

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Yussif on Dec 31, 2017 15:07
Today 31st means something to JM?shame
maes on Dec 31, 2017 15:52