31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for our loss – Mahama

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2017-12-31 17:27:22
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31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for ou

It is heartwarming to once again see the former president acknowledge mistakes and accept responsibility for the woeful and catastrophic defeat of the NDC in the 2016 election.
Nevertheless,there are far more important factors that resulted in the calamitous defeat than infrastructural development that left the coffers empty.
1.NEGLECT OF TRUSTED AND LOYAL FOOT SOLDIERS-one of the biggest mistake the former President made was to ignore trusted,loyal party functionaries and sympathizers in place of 'infiltrators' and 'mercenaries' who hijacked the party for their vested narrow parochial interest.The NDC is a revolutionary party with a large following including people who may not be active politicians but come on board to campaign and fund the party on the quiet during election.In deed there are so many Cadres whose professional obligations in civil service debar them from active politics but they do what they are supposed to do for the NDC in line with belief in the party social democratic ideology and the PNDC tenets of probity,accountability and social justice.Unfortunately for the party under the Mahama regime,there were rather too many sycophants and opportunists with ill-motive around then President Mahama who ill-advised and misled him into the abyss.A chunk of them were from other political parties or pseudo-politicians in the party for purely business and financial purpose.Neglect of the party's grassroots and core members was inevitable with all manner of splinter groups at the behest of characters who did not have any loyalty to party philosophy,ideology,principle and objectives with the exception of money and material gain ,was a huge political miscalculation and a major political blow to the fortunes of the party and its flag-bearer.This deadly arrangement by dangerous elements who did not mean well for the party but kept misinforming the former president of his popularity was known to any critical thinking and analytical mind ,that he was going to perform abysmally with a broken and neglected grassroots.
2.CORRUPTION-The former president left out one key factor that contributed to his hefty defeat,that is perception of corruption.However,it came to a point when that perception appeared a reality with tangible evidence of widespread opulence and corrupt acts by government functionaries and public officers.It was criticism of same and future repercussions to the fortunes of the party by the Founder and his loyal followers that resulted in the fracas and deepening internal divisions largely orchestrated by corrupt elements in the Mahama regime who made windfall from widespread corruption in government.This was what was also used as a huge political weapon by then opposition,NPP and in particular,then vice presidential candidate Dr.Bawuamiah.The four word phrase corrupt and incompetent Mahama which became a political slogan for the NPP resonated very well with an angry and hungry masses who indeed witness corruption and opulence flourish unchecked.A crucial call at the time to then President Mahama to deal with excesses in his government as it will derail the chances of the party in the general election by the Founder and grassroots loyalists unfortunately attracted negative responses of insults, vilification and persecution by persons purported or pretending to be loyal to the President and the party purely for selfish gains.
3.NPP SYMPATHIZERS IN CHARGE-The business of governance as a matter of fact is the responsibility of all citizens.Unfortunately in Africa with an embryonic democracy,many are unable to delineate between patriotic duties to state and political duties to party.As a matter of fact many factors including politico-tribal sentiments,religious and ethnic prejudice are trivial but important considerations in African politics.John Mahama may claim he was being democratic,tolerant and professional in rewarding known NPP functionaries with key positions in public institutions and government organizations.Naturally,he created a huge problem for his regime by allowing myriad of saboteurs sympathetic to the NPP to undermine and run down his government by corrupting and collapsing institutions of state.Lack of vigilance and monetary considerations in such high profile public appointments did not help the course of his government at all.Endemic institutional corruption was so rife to the extent that Cadres of the party ,who will naturally resist corruption in the interest of the party, were identified and dismissed in public institutions whiles the Mahama Government sat aloft.Suspicion of top executive government connivance and endorsement of such white collar crimes in public institutions became apparent with the AG Department protecting corrupt public officials at the behest of government rather than expose them.These were actually people who were anti-Mahama and anti-NDC but as to why his regime was complacent in flushing them out was mind boggling.In the end they helped to promote and propagate widespread corruption in public institutions and governance but hypocritically turned around to join the chorus to lambast the Mahama Government as corrupt and incompetent eventually contributing to his huge defeat with looted government funds.
INTELLECTUAL DEFICIT IN LEADERSHIP-Most of the people at forefront of campaign for JDM obviously lack the intellectual capacity to make scientific situational analysis in problem solving.The obvious truth is that the NPP make use of intellectual and critical thinkers who provide pros and cons in political fortunes based on evidence rather than fiction,imagination and propaganda.The NPP are good at deliberately nurturing and developing their human resource base to do the work for them at the grassroots.The NDC is still relying heavily on uneducated persons and semi-literates at the forefront of leadership ,who still hold strongly to the false belief of propaganda and 'poli-tricks'. In deed,if the party had innovative thinkers, it should have by now realize that this strategy will never work with the advent of a vibrant media and an increasingly discerning Ghanaian voter who is also becoming politically curious in matters relating to bread and live.The only way to deal with that is to listen to the masses and give them what they want to get their votes back.The NDC as a social democratic party that should naturally be embraced by the poor masses neglected them by refusing to put in tangible social intervention programs at the time crony capitalism and nepotism benefited some few corrupt elites.In the end the party had nothing to point to by way of tangible social intervention programs that will serve the interest of majority poor in rural Ghana and Peri-urban areas apart from distant infrastructural development that was difficult to see.The NPP armed themselves with scientific facts about mismanagement of the economy that affected the live of the average Ghanaian and the NDC responded with propaganda in defense to justify the indefensible known to all and sundry.The party should not just begin using their intellectuals,but also encourage research and implement findings in a pragmatic way that will once again bring the party close to the ordinary Ghanaian.Current democratic dispensation calls for scientific analysis and competition of ideas rather than baseless propaganda, with media proliferation and a discerning voter who will be curious about which party is capable of solving the daily bread and butter problem or sharing the national cake equality instead of corruptly skewing it for few elites as friends and family members.To be very honest,former president Mahama maybe a good option,if the NDC can't find a worthy candidate, but only peace and unity of purpose can help re-embellishment and re-packaging of the former president, in line with party structures and systems that will respect and execute the ideology of the party as a social democratic party.This is very important to prevent anarchy and destruction of the party by bad elements and influence still lingering around.

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