31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for our loss – Mahama

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Comment: 31st December recalls,

Joe italy
2017-12-31 20:28:47
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31st Dec. Revolution: I take responsibility for ou

Akuffo Addo first corruption plagiarism, Amoako Agyako bribery scandal, Otico Jabah minister without serving her country, 26 people commted suicide within a period of 2 months including university graduates, kintampo waterfalls disaster 21 poor students died, central region school building collapsed, killed 6 of them, delta force, invincible forces vandalized high court, Ken ofori Atta bond Bost contaminated fuel, 419 budget 2017 , 200 missing premis fuel, Killing children in the name of senseless free shs, Electricity bill gangatuan, Akuffo Addo after all 110 ministers you can't perform, foolish majority where are the men you were talking about? Wicked president, shame,

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maes on Dec 31, 2017 15:52
Joe italy on Dec 31, 2017 20:28
31st December recalls,