I’m not an NDC member to endorse Spio – Nunoo-Mensah

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Comment: Re: NDC hypocrites are the cause of defeat

Evil ndc
2018-01-05 22:21:40
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NDC hypocrites are the cause of defeat

Ndc has no sense of building a nation, they are economic association members, just to create,loot and share that's all. How can you activate something not your plan? You will fail like they failed in the NHIS, MMT, FREE MATERNAL CARE, YEP, FREE SCHOOL PROGRAM ndc were best in changing names for projects and policies not their brain. Advise ndc to stop the hate , enviness, jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and greediness for God to have favour on them and give them wisdom. Not until they get out of their evil thinking they will never get the critical thinkers they are wishing for and every word from their mouth will be nonsense in the ears of the people. Ndc are genetically evil so it will be difficult for them to change. The worst of the NPP is the best of the ndc and the evil of the NPP is the angel of the ndc, this is how Ghanaians view the two parties. Ghanaians say at least Kuffuor brought interventions to ease them and ndc came for them to suffer while ndc created looted and shared with arrogance and impunity and insults, disrespectful to our leaders and boisterous nature of the ndc members. Ghanaians have had enough of the ndc.

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Evil ndc on Jan 5, 22:21
Re: NDC hypocrites are the cause of defeat