I’m not an NDC member to endorse Spio – Nunoo-Mensah

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Comment: Nunoo-Mensah

2018-01-06 18:38:12
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Opportunistic General

Fighting defenceless Makola women paa! Lol!!! In all seriousness though, if he really is not a card-carrying member of the NDC then he did the right thing by coming out and clarifying the situation pronto. Could you imagine what a huge embarrassment it would have been to him and the person he is supposedly endorsing if it should later come to light that he does not have the authority or mandate to endorse any NDC leadership aspirants? Personally I see a wily politician who is hedging his bets until the waters become less murky, but don't ask me provide supporting evidence of that.....cos I don't have any.

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Kootse on Jan 6, 18:38