Free SHS making some parents irresponsible - Former Adisco PTA Chairman

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2018-03-13 21:19:20
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Free SHS making some parents irresponsible - Forme

Somebody should tell this man that the PTA concept is a voluntary association and not a statutory body that can sanction members who violate its regulations. I cannot understand Africans. Most schools have headmasters, management staff and boards of directors. These are quite separate from other committees that are set up by teachers and staff to micro-manage various other areas of school activity. So why in the name of God do we still need PTAs for - if not to further fleece vulnerable parent's as has become the favorite past-time of educational institutions in this country? If headmasters cannot effectively run schools per the dictates of their appointments without PTAs, then it is a sign of tacit admission of incompetence. Such headmasters must thereupon be fired without delay.

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