Bagbin fan clubs mushrooming across the country

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2018-03-14 17:29:19
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Bagbin fan clubs mushrooming across the country

I have made my point and reiterating that Alban Bagbin is a callous monster who should not be entertained.This crook as other comments are pointing to is the most corrupt,immoral and dishonest politician.This autocrat is a pathological liar and a trickster who should not be entertained.Oh yes,John Dramani Mahama may have his deficiencies but he is far more above reproach than this 'politricksian'.The NDC is doomed if the dare endorse Alban Bagbin.He is trying to woo the Founder and other gurus into supporting him but they should know him better by now.In my opinion Ekow Spio Gabrah is a good,marketable material who can pose as a threat to the NPP when played as a wild card.It is obvious the NDC will struggle to get a formidable candidate but the Founder in particular can dig deep and lobby a man of high moral stature,personality and qualification to lead the party.I am not sure of the status and commitment of the likes of Ibn Chambas to NDC.If not for the deliberate smear campaign and damage caused honourable Martin Amidu by corrupt elements within,he would have been in poll position. I am sure he would have distinguished himself in political governance to earn widespread respect among Ghanaians if not for sabotage by corrupt elements within the party who wanted him out.

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ALBAN BAGBIN on Mar 14, 2018 17:29