Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with Akufo-Addo - Pastor

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Comment: Natiönal destroyers company,ndc

attu zongo
2018-03-30 04:34:53
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Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with A

The criminal national demönic company, ndc will loose portorr comes 2020, afterall horrible rawlings campaign for ataa mills nd he lost 3 times to the giant Kuffuor, so rented pastor go to hell, NPP SHALL RULE 24 years!

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Zoobie-Zoobie on Mar 30, 2018 01:45
attu zongo on Mar 30, 2018 04:34
Natiönal destroyers company,ndc
Kojo Grace, California on Mar 31, 2018 18:09