Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with Akufo-Addo - Pastor

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Comment: Rawlings is a hypocrite...Period!

Victor A. Young
2018-03-30 21:17:29
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Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with A

In other words, the Pastor is saying that Rawlings doesn't agree with the naming of the seat of the President, by H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo? The whole edifice was build by ex-Prez Kuffour's gov't. It's not a surprise though becasuse Rawling is a hypocrite!

The name Flag Staff House was there even before the 1st Prez Dr. Kwame Nkrumah came. Successive gov't have all use the Osu Christianborg Castle as the preferred office for daily business.

Kuffour's gov't didn't have the luxury or time to relocate its office after the building was completed. He named the new edifice "Jubilee House" in commemoration of Ghana's Jubilee Celebration. Kuffour exited office after 8yrs. The NDC made lots of noise about the new house saying that it was a "Hen Coop" and doesn't deserve to be used as seat of gov't. They had pledged that they won't use it at all, until John Mahama became Prez.

It's baffling to note how the NDC would always oppose every good initiative by the NPP and its leaders. It simply silly to see them oppose Free School Feeding program, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Masloc, YEA, Free SHS, Planting for Food & Jobs, 1D 1F, Digital Mapping System and Digitization of Ghana Ports etc.

The NDC is a bunch of Nation Wreckers and covetous people who don't have the development of Ghana at heart. Yet, they're the very ones criticizing everyone and every move by H.E. the President, Nana Akufo-Addo. It's so pathetic to note!

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Victor A. Young on Mar 30, 2018 21:17
Rawlings is a hypocrite...Period!
Kojo Grace, California on Mar 31, 2018 18:09