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Your wife is doing a better job than you – Kwakye Ofosu jabs Akufo-Addo

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2018-03-30 08:10:02
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Your wife is doing a better job than you are – F

Ofosu Kwakye you are the biggest idiot in the world . You have never said anything sensible . Do you think you are still in NDC era? You must be joking, because you work under the corrupt government you don’t have respect for elders. You who has no father is even proud of your self and called your self a human being. Look at your carcass face like a pig.Even your family elders cannot speak to Nana Addo any how, how much more afool like you Ofosu Kwakye. I pity you guys who worked under the Mahamah government you were all corrupt, thieves and stealers, a fool like you Ofosu Kwakye has a filling station, cars, houses, and foreign account. Your president Mahamah was the most disgraceful president in the history of Ghana yet you work under him. No wonder your president Mahamah only appointed fools , idiots, stupid people as his ministers, that is why you all turned stealers. You president Mahamah accepted Ford bribe and gave the person a contract, what a shame. Ndc is full of stupid people like you Ofosu Kwakye and your father Mahamah. You have a case to answer soon before the special prosecutor. Mayyour disrespect turned into curse into your self and your family.

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Re: Your wife is doing a better job than you are –