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Your wife is doing a better job than you – Kwakye Ofosu jabs Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Totobi Kwakye disowns Ofosu Kwskye

Kwame Fori
2018-03-31 22:43:23
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Your wife is doing a better job than you are – F

Kwakye Ofosu is an "mpena ba" that is why he speaks rubbish. This fool noe owns flashy cars and bought houses in Dubai, where did he get the money. Kofi Totobi Kwasi had disowned this cursed burglar, whose source of wealth is through stealing. Whilst NDC government under Mahama stole our money Akufo Addo is using our resources yo develop Ghana, Free SHS, 1V1D, 1 D 1F, restoration of Nurses and Teachers allowances, payment of debts left by NDC, building of reads etc. All Ghanaians know John Mahama and wife are corrupt. Let that disrespectful Ofosu Kwakye tell us his father's name and his hometown

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Kwame Fori on Mar 31, 2018 22:43
Totobi Kwakye disowns Ofosu Kwskye