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I don’t expect praises from NDC – Mustapha Hamid

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Comment: Start with insult=nothing to offer

2018-04-05 12:53:49
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I don’t expect praises from NDC – Mustapha Ham

Anyidaho lacks both IQ and EQ. The moment you find yourself as the most smart guy in room, believe me, you are in a wrong place. The information minister is brilliant. He has got what it takes to be President. Just look back and listen to the response from Nana Akoffo Addo to Trump ???? Mature, diplomatic, humane and packed with wisdom. From Mills to Mahama people were appointed and promoted not on merit but how the insult. People like that can inspire evil and nothing else good for the youth and our country. JJ's Education system has damaged this country. K4 had too much on his table in only 8 years administration

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