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Help Liberia to succeed - Weah appeals to Akufo-Addo

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2018-04-07 00:28:21
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Help Liberia to succeed - Weah appeals to Akufo-Ad

Oppong Weah please do not be deceived. Do you know how it fills when you find yourself in an exam hall writing a very difficult paper, you raised your head and the guy sitting beside you is seriously writing and you wonder he might be a genius? At the very moment you were looking at him, he turned to look at you smiled and said he will help you with the questions you want to answer. He seem to have answers to all the questions on the paper you are writing, and he helped you with all the answers you need. You were so grateful to him and you even planned to compensate him one way or the other. You got back to the dormitory , out of curiosity you checked the first answer and you realized what the guy taught you is seriously no where near the correct answer. You became alarmed and begin to check the answers one after the other and at every turn around the conner you noticed the answers are wrong? Hummmmm, how you wanted to wring the neck of that guy who pretended to know all? Yes, that is the kind of person Akufo Addo is. He knows nothing, praises himself all the time, talk big and pretends to have all the solutions to the worlds problems just like his father. If you will read a little bit of history you will find out that his father was overthrown for gross incompetence. The son Akufo Addo is very much like the father. If you solicit help from him, he will drag you down the drain. Please do not make such a mistake, his ministers are also empty headed, they will destroy your country. If anything, please make your own mistakes and learn from them. I want you to know that your mistakes are better than the counsel of this Akufo Addo man. Do you know he sold the whole of Ghana to the Americans for $ 20,000,000?

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K.B. on Apr 7, 00:28
Re: Help Liberia to succeed - Weah appeals to Akuf