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Help Liberia to succeed - Weah appeals to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: akiffu addo is not seriuos

StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2018-04-07 11:21:15
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He is just there to enjoy state protocol, it's benefits n live royally. I thought he had new, innovative concrete plans to move gh to modernity. NopeĀ”!!! Gh at this point in her history should be producing goods to feed and empower other African nations, providing loans, intelligence and infrastructure dev etc but look at Gh my advice to Weah is engage in dialogue and partnerships with Canada and usa, China to help alleviate poverty in Liberia. Akuffu addo deliberately took the laws into his own Hands and changed the name of presidential building without seeking parliamentary approval to make it official n yet he will tell you he believes in the rule of law? Don't align yourself with poor gh

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StGhfuo: is this the best you can do? on Apr 7, 11:21
akiffu addo is not seriuos