General News Sat, 5 May 2018

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John Mahama attacks 'super incompetent' Akufo-Addo 'family & friends' government

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Comment: Re: Pigs have over eaten

2018-05-05 17:28:23
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Pigs have over eaten

You are not making nary any sense, by a very wide berth, as is typical of your kind. I said the great looter of Ghana should go and concentrate on the farm at Bole.
What is happening in the world now and in the public domain shows he can become very wealthy from ploughing the money he stole into farming. He dhould stop the crying and get busy in Bole, on the farm because there is life after the Presidency. Or that one too, he is irredeemably tremendously gargantuanly massively incompetent to get done???

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JAMMEH IS FARMING on May 5, 17:28
Re: Pigs have over eaten