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Historian settles debate on UG founders with documentary ‘proof’

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Comment: close down EPA and Minerals commission

2018-05-11 12:01:07
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Historian settles debate on UG founders with docum

The governmenrt must close down the Environmental protection Agency and the Minerals commission. I honestly do not know what these two government agencies are doing in the wake of indiscriminate and rampant quarrying and sand winnining all over the country. I visited a friend at Bortianor hills also called Fulani a beautiful developing community on the Kasoa Tuba road and I was shocked when I saw buildings sitting on mountains that were being eaten away by sand and stone winners. why is the government just looking on unconcerned as contractors land guards and criminals devastate these mountains in these heavily populated communities? Is the EPA not aware of the benefits of mountains and hills? I am just shocked to the marrow that they are allowing this illegality to go on. Just drive on the tuba road diversion to kasoa, turn after the kasoa toll booth and keep looking to your left, look up and the hills are right there and you see buildings hanging precariously on these hills as a result of ongoing sand and stone winning day and night. Keep driving and ask of Fulani or Bortianor hills Junction and turn left onto the untarred road and keep driving to the last stop. And here too just take a look at the amazing hills being denuded by sand and stone quarrying. This is a disaster in waiting and yet we have a NADMO, EPA and a minerals commission all tasked with protecting the environment, regulating sand and stone winning and also preventing disasters. THIS IS GHANA FOR YOU, POLITICIANS ARE ALL THE SAME ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS VOTES AND CLINGING ON TO POWER NOT WHAT AFFECTS THE ELECTORATE. THESE HILLS AT BORTIANOR HILLS/FULANI SHOULD BE NO GO AREAS FOR STONE QUARRYING OR SANDWINNING AND THE EPA, NADMO AND MINERALS COMMISSION MUST ACT FAST, THE RAINS HAVE STARTED.

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Henry on May 11, 2018 12:01
close down EPA and Minerals commission