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Historian settles debate on UG founders with documentary ‘proof’

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Comment: So Nkrumah founded Ghana alone.

Larry Oduro, Adenta
2018-05-11 18:46:01
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Yes, Nkrumah lead Gh to independence

The history of Ghana has so much been distorted that there would be no more history to tell the future generation. And this is very sad. Historically, J.B Danquah proposed the name "GHANA" for the future independent country of Gold Coast but Dr. Nkrumah actually won Independence for the country. However before Nkrumah arrived, several PERSONALITIES were involved in the struggle for independence, lawyers, educationists, businessmen, farmers, traders, chiefs and even ordinary people. It's on record that the UGCC leaders, including JBD, contributed financially to pay for Nkrumah's passage to Ghana. So how could one insult such a person as a foolish traitor like.HIS EXCELLENCY THE UGLY DWARF OR WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF, has reduced your lifespan for such a disrespect to the elderly. Had the leaders of UGCC not paid heed to Ako Adjei to bring Nkrumah down, where would he have been? Yes Nkrumah said "SELF GOVERNMENT NOW while the UGCC leaders said "SELF GOVERNMENT IN THE NEAREST POSSIBLE TIME" but we forget also that it took 8 good years from 1949 to 1957 for Nkrumah to gain the Independence and this could have been the same as what the other people were saying. Nkrumah gained so much popularity at the time and won the hearts of the youth at the time because of his youthfulness, agility and been the Secretary General, travelling the whole length and width of the country to preach the "Gospel" of "SELF GOVERNMENT NOW". People don't believe how Nkrumah used the propaganda he had learnt from the Communist and Socialist Comrades to undermine the UGCC leaders to gain so much support. For instance how many people now know how "VERANDAH BOYS" came about? And how did the Ga-Adangbe people came to believe that Danquah and his cohorts petitioned the Colonial Government not to build the ACCRA SPORTS STADIUM when in reality he rather was among a delegation to UK to plead for it. I was fortunate to have heard these from somebody who was one of the youth members of CPP, before he died. It may be that the President didn't give the true version of the founding of UG, he's also right because the country has not done justice to the personality of J.B Danquah, like you've done in your posting. So many people have a lot to tell about Ghana but not have the time to do So, other than that certain people would not have been shout above the rooftops and insulting people's intelligence as if they are the only people who have "KWEKU ANANSE'S PANDORA BOX" about Ghana some of us have lived through the Colonial era to the present.

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Larry Oduro, Adenta on May 11, 2018 18:46
So Nkrumah founded Ghana alone.