NPP government lacks commonsense – A Plus

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Comment: Ukraine ladies

2020-09-19 03:30:43
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NPP government lacks commonsense – A Plus

Can my russian past girlfriend come to australia to marry me

in which if she wants to visit you, She is going to need to pay for EVERYTHING on her own. She will not get a visa to Australia unless she can be strong ties to Russia and prove that she has enough Charmdate money to cover all travel expenses (sim, visa, Passport, prepare, spending money, therefore on)

Sending her money is the worst reaction you can have and will pretty much ensure she won get a visa as that proves she is not financially independent and is at a high risk of overstaying

And I hate to ask but I hope to god you have met in person or at least spoken to her live on video cam rather than just email or you may be exchanging love letters with a fat Russian man using stolen photos of a model. But i know anyone would be crazy enough to marry someone they had never even met in person or even seen live on cam. unhappily if you read the Russia board, pay for some poor sucker comes on whining about how he sent thousands to his fiance who never showed up

As a euro citizen, She may have trouble getting a visa to find Australia but if she manages to get one, She can marry you. Anyone who is free to do so and is of age can marry in Australia notwithstanding their immigration status.

If she wants daily stay in Australia after the marriage, she will have to apply for a subclass 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa BUT will only be able to do so if if her Visitor visa doesn have a No Further Stay condition 8503 attached. If her website visitor visa has an 8503, She will likely need to leave Australia and apply for the 461 offshore. there is not a way of knowing in advance if an 8503 will be imposed and no workable way of removing one once it there.

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