Insha Allah, 2020 is ours - Mahama

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2018-05-14 06:02:45
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Insha Allah, 2020 is ours - Mahama

So far what did npp government do with the borrowed money? What exactly in Ghana can be attributed to their tradition? From energy, health,education,economics etc apart from baseless attacks,tribal bigotry, antagonism and noise making couple with opulence lifestyle,untill they advent of NPP into power the whole world saw how precarious things were with them but they become flamboyantly rich just in a year and half what is the source of the sudden wealth at the spend of masses? yet their gullible supporters have the infantry always to be throwing acquising finger's at delivered personalities. They should be bold and make comparison and tell a whole world this is why they don't see any good with other government

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Kwame on May 14, 2018 06:02
Re: Insha Allah, 2020 is ours - Mahama