Mahama must stop working for NPP - NDC Member

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Comment: Re: Mahama must stop working for NPP - Moshake

Mike Ocans
2018-05-27 10:18:25
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Mahama must stop working for NPP - Moshake

Idiot,idiot, and idiot again! Cowards they say die many times before their deaths! Moshake or whatever your name is, your effusions make no sense to many of us. Are we not practicing Democracy? Those you are rooting for, if they are men enough, let them show up or shut up! Stop this nonsense of roping in the elders of the party. Which ones? You claim you love the party and this is the best way you can express decent? Crazy lot. For former Prez Rawlings, he should know that some of us see him as an institution and not an individual. We are ready to make that institution leave for ever regardless of what anybody thinks. Therefore the earlier JJ distances himself from elements like these the better for him otherwise his integrity wil be dented forever.
JJ, already your wife's misplaced bitterness and hatred for the NDC and Fmr. Prez Mahama is destroying you. Wake up!

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Mike Ocans on May 27, 2018 10:18
Re: Mahama must stop working for NPP - Moshake