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Bawumia never begged for funds in China – Horace Ankrah

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Comment: Re: Deputy Ambassador? Never heard that.

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-06-06 11:31:51
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Deputy Ambassador? Never heard that.

He is not defending Bawumiah nut saying the truth, the truth your founder was talking about, he said you people the babies with sharp teeth have made his party a party of lies hence unattractive. Former President Rawlings said you lied about him and his wife, you lied about Sir Martin Amidu also so why would he believe you when you accuse other people! Ndc STOP your hate and jealousy and build your party for politics is not where by hook or crook one has to get rich. Anyone, who get rich in politics with no business is a thief, there is nobody in the civilized world who go to into politics with empty hands like the ndc, they go into politics already rich and looking for fame, others also get the influence to expand and grow their businesses, it's only Ghana that poor people are allowed to do politics to steal to become rich hence Ghana's politics has become dirty. Ndc don't belong here and they must be chased out from Ghana to establish their own country, they are too evil. They never like the wellbeing of others and they hate Ghanaians but want their power, ndc will rot in opposition!

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Ndc Nkwaseafuo party on Jun 6, 11:31
Re: Deputy Ambassador? Never heard that.