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'Karma is a bitch' - Ato Forson tells Bawumia as cedi depreciates

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Comment: Karma is a bitch

Kingpin USA
2018-06-17 18:33:04
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'Karma is a bitch' - Ato Forson tells Bawumia as c

Ato Forson is naïve to say karma is a bitch and probably don't want to be truthful to Ghanaians.The dollar to cedi was $1 to GHC4.9 when mahama handed over power to NPP and now its $1 to $4.29 so what is the meaning of karma is a bitch?Ato Forson go back to your records and give Dr Bawuomia applause.I know this for a fact because am here in the US and I send money to family in Ghana every month.

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Kingpin USA on Jun 17, 2018 18:33
Karma is a bitch