Incorruptible claim: Mahama is a big joke – NPP

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Peter James
2018-06-21 13:18:52
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Incorruptible claim: Mahama is a big joke – NPP

The NPP including Nana Akufo Addo think Ghanaians are fools and idiots. During the campaign period, they bastardized President Mahama telling the whole world that he is corrupt. Some of us who were fooled at that time believed. The Constitution is clear: a sitting president could not be prosecuted unless after exit and within 3 years after exiting. The NPP which has been in power has not been able to prosecute President Mahama even though they have been in office for 18 months now. So what is the NPP waiting for? Ghanaians are not fools. The NPP has no iota of truth in describing President Mahama as corrupt.My father once told me that if you want to tell lies, do so 'at your back not your front' If you place it at your back, you will never go and meet it. However if you place it in your front, you will definitely go and meet it.This is exactly what NPP has done, place it in front of them. The NPP has one and half years to prosecute president Mahama. We wait to see the evidence they have for successful prosecution. DEFINITELY THEY HAVE NONE!

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Peter James on Jun 21, 2018 13:18