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Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intake for Free SHS

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Comment: Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intak

2018-07-19 11:39:38
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Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intake for Free

This is not practical:
1. there are about 8 months in an academic year so 2 threw months in each stream will be 6 months. Already the 3 yrs SHS is not sufficient
2. I guess 2 streams of teachers will be employed? If so where will the live? Will the few teachers accommodation also be shared?
3. Which period will be available for maintanance?
4. Will there be 2 streams of supporting staff?
5. 3 months long vacation will affect the students academically. When they return to school the will need a lot of time to revise before continuing with new topics.
6. Have you considered the social vices some of the students will be indulged in

Just eat humble pie and go with the community day school model. That is what exist in all progressive countries and the boarding schools are private for those who prefer that. Check the like of Singapore, USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, even Russia, S. Korea, Malaysia, our neighbours Cote D'Ivoire etc

No one pays for the feeding of the rich whose kid are majority in the SHS because the went to private schools and therefore qualified more and gained admission to SHS.

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Yaw on Jul 19, 2018 11:39
Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intak