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Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intake for Free SHS

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Comment: Prof.Stephen Adei endorses double intak.

2018-07-19 12:29:42
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Prof. Stephen Adei endorses double intake for Free

This piece of non-sense should stop here. The problems facing Education in Ghana is so huge and people should not start with ridiculous fantasy solutions. When missions were in charge of their schools we saw the improvement. When the dangerous and radical thinkers started their stupid agitation we got to where we are now.The problems we have keep mounting due to some clowns in Ghana claiming to be professors and the Shit. Wake Up Ghana. You cannot continue to fund fee free education when you are not in control of how many children one should have. People are having children from left to right without even thinking of how to feed them. Now we are all hailing this stupid idea of fee free education for all,free school meals for all,whether you are in a position to do that or not.We are doing all these for political gain. The entire national revenue is giong into thi stupid programs. What happens to the lazy who do not want to work but have the stamina to produce children without having to care for them. Are We having a socialist system of government or what? If you want to eat then you must work.Any work. These people cannot pick and choose the kind of work they want. If the state is looking after your children then you should make yourself available for any job the state offers you as a contribution towards the upkeep of your child. We need people to clean streets,community projects etc..... We are not serious.

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OSAFO KANTANKA on Jul 19, 2018 12:29
Prof.Stephen Adei endorses double intak.