Double track system may leave students rusty – Former Education Minister

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Comment: D'ble Track Sys Level started - Not now

Lt. Horn Blower
2018-07-27 11:46:53
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Double track system may leave students rusty – F

Ghanaian Leaders should at times adhere to pieces of advice and or suggestions' from the public before implementing issues that concerns the nation and affects the well being of the people they lead.
In supporting the explanation given by the former minister, my humble appeal goes to those handling this our education system issue to take a second look before implementing ideas used by some of our politicians who spends most of their lifetime abroad or some political parties who includes the idea in their manifestoes to help them win votes.
The idea is very good, but as explained by the former minister, the starting point is very disastrous.
Lets not forget that, comparing our educational system/standard(with reference to technological advancement and infrastructural development) to that of the countries mentioned in the article, will not work at the level started.
If at this our age in development, some schools can't boast of having a standard classroom with amenities such as electricity, chalkboards with its accessories, and even water, I won't mention a computer lab, then how can such a system be compared to that of the above mentioned countries.
Our leaders should be transparent in their handing over and taking over of duties especially on issues that affects the nation and the well being of the people who votes for them

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Lt. Horn Blower on Jul 27, 2018 11:46
D'ble Track Sys Level started - Not now