Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

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Comment: COMMON SENSE is common but NOT COMMON...

2018-07-30 11:29:22
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OFORI ATTA only expressed his common views but NOT that on LACK OF MONEY AS A PROBLEM to the FREE-SHS.***HE(Ofori Atta) KNOWS THAT,SUCH MUST BE BASED ON NATIONAL-DATABASE OF EVERYBODY, of which at present there NO such in GHANA(now that communacation is working on).**TO KNOW MORE OF EACH DATAbase from guadians/parents,EVERY STUDENT MUST BE GIVEN FORMS TO BE FILLED BY PARENTS(to show STATUS-occupation with resources),and FROM HERE BASE-EARNERS CAN BE DETECTED.**BUT MATTERS OF NEEDY,right now "whole-free-SHS;SHOULD BE THE ORDER OF THE 'DAY'.#YES,I AGREE WITH OFORI ATTA but until such THERE MUST BE A NATIONAL DATABASE PROCESSES.***I CAN CONFIRM THAT IN EVERY 80,000 students ONLY ABOUT 10,000 CAN BE NOTED as ABLE TO PAY FOR THIER KIDS;?what about the rest???!

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COMMON SENSE is common but NOT COMMON...
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